Saturday, October 30, 2010

Implosion explosion!

Today was a huge day in the life of our church, First Baptist Church of Dallas, TX.  We imploded 5 buildings in order to make room for a new sanctuary and new children and youth education space.  Most of these buildings have been there for many, many years and many of our members have grown up using them.  It was an exciting, historic day!  We were privileged to get to view the implosion from the 34th floor of the Republic Tower and I had my camera ready and set on continuous shooting so I got some pretty awesome pictures.  When the dust started to clear there was a single ray of light shining on the steeple of our historic sanctuary!  It was as if God was saying, "It's all clear now.  You can get on with the building and reaching of Dallas for Christ."  I am awed and inspired to be a part of this great time in a great church!  Praise the Lord!

Here's a look at the implosion as I saw it:

Note the small puff of smoke below and to the left of the ARCA sign.  This was the first explosion of dynamite. 

In this picture you start to see the building going down just above the smoke.

If you notice the upper left hand corner of the building in the lower right of the picture, that is where the "button" was and our pastor, Dr. Jeffress and some of the other church and city leaders, including Mayor Leppert are standing up there.  The dust cloud almost engulfed them.

And then we could see the steeple.

Ryland and I walked around  and I was able to get shot of the rubble from the street.  They are already getting the streets cleared and taking away the old rubble awaiting the new buildings.  

Belief is Building! 

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